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Collin "Palahace" Polk

I am a passionate web designer with a knack for creating dynamic and user-friendly websites. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, I've honed my skills by working with prominent clients in the gaming and esports scene.

Skills & Tools

I use utilize the major programming languages for web design, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and Liquid. As wells as tools/technology such as WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Addons & Plugins

Leveraging plugins and addons to create websites is a must. I do this by using some of the best and most popular ones while also creating my own WordPress Plugins when needed, like the QCBYOC website.

My Process

First I do a little discovery and planning, understanding the client's needs and goals and create a tailored plan. After that its time to craft a visually appealing and functional website using the latest technologies. Testing is ongoing while I am working. It helps me to create a clean and functional website.


I will enhance your website’s search engine rankings through targeted keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic link building. My SEO service improves visibility, drive organic traffic, and boost overall online presence.

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